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10 Interesting Cause and Effect Essay Topics for College Students

If you are writing a cause and effect essay, chances are your essay is about one or the other, not both. Of course, any sample topics from which you choose your essay topic can be altered slightly to fit a “cause” style paper or an “effect” style paper.

Whether you are writing about the causes of something or its effects, there are three parts you should have:

  1. Introduction
  2. Body
  3. Conclusion

The introduction will serve two functions. The first is to hook the attention of your reader. The second is to inform your reader what your essay will be about. This second part is also commonly referred to as “stating the organization”. If you have a solid introduction, you can ensure that the reader is able to anticipate the content of your essay, and will know how the main points are divided.

The body is where you write your main causes or main effects. For a standard five paragraph style cause and effect paper, your job is to write three main causes or three main effects. Some students prefer to put the most important causes and/or effects first, followed by the second most important, and the third most important. Other students prefer to do things in the opposite fashion, building up to their most important point. This is entirely up to you as the writer. There is no right or wrong way to do that. Putting the items in order from most important to least important will grab the attention of the reader from the start. Doing the opposite will build up to the most important item, and leave a better final impression on your reader.

The conclusion, like the introduction, has two parts. The first is to summarize what your main points were. The second is to leave the reader with a final impression that is lasting.

If you are struggling to come up with an interesting idea, consider the 10 ideas below:

  1. Discuss the causes or effects of exercise
  2. Discuss the causes or effects of peer pressure
  3. Discuss the causes or effects of poverty
  4. Discuss the causes or effects of personal finances
  5. Discuss the causes or effects of moving
  6. Discuss the causes or effects of stress
  7. Discuss the causes or effects of pollution
  8. Discuss the causes or effects of rising college costs
  9. Discuss the causes or effects of long term unemployment
  10. Discuss the causes or effects of music on studying

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