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Key Aspects of Writing Animal Rights Essays

When students write about an emotional topic such as animal rights, the instructor must make sure the end result is not all emotion. Consider using the three-appeal approach popular with persuasive papers. If the teacher can help keep the children’s emotions in check and remind the students to support their thoughts, these papers will be premium.

Three Areas to Cover

Leave it to Aristotle to guide modern day instructors in essay writing. These three types of appeals developed by him will keep your students on track:

  • Logos (evidential): This appeal is based solely on evidence that supports the thoughts or ideas of the author.
  • Pathos (emotional): An emotional appeal is an attempt by the writer to make his or her audiences feel the same way as he or she does.
  • Ethos (moral): A moral appeal urges the audience to act upon the standard morals and ethics of society.

Keeping Things in Check

There is nothing more passionate than a young person who has taken a stand on a subject. This is beautiful, because a society of young people, who do not care, is a sad prospect.

As a teacher, you must channel these emotions about animal rights into a formal paper. The student has to be aware that for every idea he or she has, valid and credible support much be stated. A paper filled with nothing more than emotional will not be very good or very convincing.


There are numerous websites on animal’s rights. Give your students a few of the addresses for research, but make sure they find some on their own. A few locations are:

  • Mercy for Animals
  • PETA
  • Animal Rights Coalition
  • Friends of Animals

Parts of the Essay

The standard parts of the essay do not change. And there needs to be a solid thesis stamen and an outline to follow. You will have the five standard formal essay components:

  1. Introduction
  2. Main idea One
  3. Main Idea Two
  4. Main Idea Three
  5. Conclusion

Amazing Results

These essays should be fun to grade and fun to read. And the students will have fun writing them. Just make sure the emotions of the authors are kept in check, that the MLA standards are adhered to, and that the children are given plenty of time and plenty of input from the instructor. Any time the writer takes a vested interest in a subject, the results are usually amazing!

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