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Telecommunications In The UAE

The UAE has a wide number of telecommunication methods that use data. Data can be used in many different ways. It will always benefit a student to consider the ways in which they might transition their information into a format with stronger appeal and accessibility. This includes making tables or charts, or using imagery instead of text. While scouting out photographs, cartoons, and graphics is always the easiest way to do this, there are some more modern options as well.

For instance, the computer program called Microsoft Excel can be used to create impressive charts and tables of data. It does take a bit of training to know precisely how to do this, but it can be extremely handy for anyone studying social studies and history.

Of course, modern media and computer software doesn’t end with the conversion of statistics to appealing charts and graphs. For instance, it is easy to transfer information from the written to the visual, the statistical to the written or even to the visual with only a small amount of effort.

Is it worth the time? Absolutely! We have already considered the value of source materials, but it is also significant to note if the information the source materials contain can be turned into a more powerful or effective set of facts.

Geographic tools are those used to collect, find, or represent specific information. They can include a compass, GPS device, or something as simple as a tape measure.

An old map might show a student the territory in which an event occurred, but a modern student might also just as easily use the Internet to obtain an aerial photograph, a topographic map, or GPS coordinates to get a better view or understanding of a sight.

Geographic tools may not immediately seem important to the study of history, but they are a wonderful way to analyze and interpret data. For example, if a document describes the events which occurred during a battle the student could read about it, envision it, and let it end there. With geographic tools, however, they might head to the Internet to enter the GPS coordinates of the battlefield, and then visually follow the action across their screen. They might even save such an image and use it to create some portion of a presentation or report as well.

Overall the UAE uses many of the same communications methods as we do. They use geographic data can also be used to verify first-hand accounts or even to invalidate them as well.

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