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Writing an Essay Basic Paragraph: How to Structure It

Writing an essay

Writing an essay is a skillful task. One has to stay careful and attentive when writing the essay. Many students find it hard to compose a winning essay because they have never done it before. They do not know how to structure an essay because they might not have done it before. During the early grades, you do not have to worry about the outline or structure because they are not necessary. As you grow up and promote to higher classes, you learn many things about the essay.

What is a basic paragraph?

The basic paragraph is not going to be the official component of your final essay. The basic paragraph is what you write for building the base of your essay. It is more like the draft of your essay that you will expand when you build your essay.

What is an outline of the essay?

People often confuse the basic paragraph with the outline of the essay. Both of them are two different things. An outline is the categorization of the complete essay. This is where you include bullet points, pointers, and web diagrams. The paragraph is different than an outline.

What your basic paragraph must include

The question is simple and so is the answer. A basic paragraph has the content you will use for your introduction. It may or may not include a thesis statement. It also has the data you need to write in your body paragraphs. For example if you find relevant data to elaborate your point during research, you can include that in your basic paragraph. Students often use this paragraph to show their teacher what they have in mind for their essay. It should clearly state the direction of your essay and the way you will conclude it. Take it as an abstract of your essay; the only difference is that the abstract does not show the conclusion while the basic paragraph does.

Here are a few important things your basic paragraph should represent for the rest of your essay.

  1. The purpose of your essay
  2. The content you will use for introduction
  3. The examples you will use in the essay
  4. The data and figures that you want to include
  5. What will be the conclusion of your essay?
  6. The value of your essay to the reader

Once you have created your basic paragraph, you can move to rest of your essay and begin writing.

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