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Where To Find Great Comparison And Contrast Essay Examples For College Students

Compare and contrast essays are assignments where you are asked to make comparisons or contrasts between two items. You’ll either emphasize similarities or differences (sometimes both) between two items that are related. You generally have two patterns to follow – one is the point by point arrangement and the other is a block arrangement.

The Block Arrangement

The block arrange is a simple way of organizing this type of essay, allowing that you write about one topic in one paragraph and either a similar or contrasting topic in another paragraph. If your topics are large then you extend your block arrangement where topic A takes up two paragraphs and Topic B takes up the following two paragraphs. Your introduction and conclusion let the reader know what you are writing about and summarize your points respectively.

The Point by Point Arrangement

This arrangement is little harder but can be just as effective a way to demonstrate comparisons and contrasts between to items. In this arrangement you discuss a point about an item and then immediately discuss a similar or different point about a second item. For example, if you were comparing apples and oranges you could discuss that an apple is a fruit that grows on trees and immediately discuss that an orange is also a fruit that grows on trees.

Purchasing Examples from a Professional Writing Service

Perhaps the best way to learn how to properly write an effective comparison and contrast academic paper is to purchase one from an online professional writing service. These kinds of services offer a wide range of products from completed essay samples to newly written papers on a topic of your choosing. To avoid being accused of cheating it’s a good idea to only uses these examples to help write your own paper and not as a substation for handing in your own original work.

Getting Examples from Your Professor

If you are confused about your assignment it’s probably a good idea to ask your professor for some clarification. Take it a step further and see if your instructor could procure a sample copy of this type of essay written by a former student. Professors are usually happy to give you a sample copy because they can easily check if your material has been copied from that specific sample and make sure you have a great idea of what it is they expect from you.

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