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Writing a Process Essay: Ideas on How to Hold Your Reader's Attention

The process essay describes steps and procedures a person would take in order to complete a task. This form of essay writing may seem easy, but you need to pay attention to details to ensure the assignment gets executed properly. As you write your essay you need to keep readers in mind. They should be able to follow your process and be familiar with it context enough to learn more on how to do it themselves. You may also consider insight on what you learned about the process others will find suitable. When it comes to ideas for your essay the following points offer insight you should consider during the writing process.

  1. Think about the process you are explaining before you start writing about it. You need a good visual in your mind to help you write descriptively about the event. For instance, if you are writing about something that involves a lot of action or movement, think about how they occur and what words you would use to describe it.
  2. Make sure steps are in order as they should be followed to make logic sense to readers. Your readers should be able to read your content and understand what is happening as if it is actually unfolding in front of them. If you miss a step or present content out of order readers may not understand how it is supposed to happen. This could also affect the end result for your essay.
  3. Offer hints to let readers know when a process is completed correctly. You can explain the process in detail to ensure they know steps required. But, to make sure it is executed correctly there may be additional information you want to mention that will provide clarity. It’s like a guarantee that gives insight on what to look for when something is done in the right manner.
  4. Be clear in your information when providing details about materials included or needed. If materials are needed or certain actions need to be done, be clear on what they are and how they are relevant to the process. If you leave out too much it may not make sense to readers.
  5. Select a topic you know well that readers will find interesting and useful. Some people like to think of process essays as a how-to article with an informative purpose. What is something people would want to know how to do?

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