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Choosing Fun Illustration Essay Topics: Great Suggestions

An essay is a long passage written for explaining a chosen topic. While writing an essay your language should be simple and oh high standard at the same time. Your work should be written in such a way that the reader gets interested immediately.

Some topics that can be chosen are as follows:

  • Hobby for money
  • Everyone loves something from the core of his or her hearts. There is always something that will interest someone like playing basketball or maybe even pottery. This topic will motivate the readers to follow their dreams and also help them in understanding how to earn money through their passion.

  • Family traditions
  • Every family has their traditions. They follow different rituals. There is always some kind of difference in the traditions that varies from one family to other. Writing about this will hold the readers interest.

  • Keeping your room clean
  • This is a common problem especially for teenagers. Parents get tired of yelling at their children to keep their rooms clean. This topic can give them some easy tips on how to handle this matter.

  • How to keep the child inside you alive
  • The one thing we all wanted to do when we were kids was to grow up and once that we did grow up now what we want to do is again become a child. In this topic you can include pointers like keeping your life simple, and taking out time for yourself or treating yourself every once in a while. This is a very interesting topic indeed.

  • Significance of modern art
  • Many people fail to understand what modern art actually is. This is because of the complicated patterns. Only a person with artistic eyes will be able to get what modern art actually means. Through this essay you can give easy pointers on how to judge the story behind the art and what it actually is.

  • The real life superheroes
  • Often we fail to acknowledge the people who have actually done a good deed for others whether it is small or big. We need to give them credits. This will not only motivate them but others as well to help others. Real life superheroes are not famous people but regular folks who do extraordinary deeds.

  • The mobile addiction
  • Today’s generation is a tech savvy generation. They might be able to live without food but not their mobile phone. Here we can write about how technology has changed the living style from before. How mobile phones and bond of a human being is inseparable and how social media is affecting the minds of children of today.

  • Being a vegetarian
  • Once you have been in habit of having non-vegetarian food it is very difficult to turn into a vegetarian. This essay can explain the difficulties that come while leaving non-veg. why should a person turn into a vegetarian and how can he control his cravings.

  • Are photographs actually real
  • Social media sites are full of pictures. Pictures of girls dancing and posing, pictures of boys showing their body off. But the question here is that are all these pictures enough to judge a person.

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