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Creating Winning 7th Grade Persuasive Essay Topics

When a student is asked to write a persuasive essay they are really being asked to write an argumentative essay although perhaps with less bluster and hectoring. A persuasive essay requires the writer to be more gentle with the reader and to persuade them in a calmer fashion. It can be easier said than done but there are a number of points a seventh grade student needs to understand.

  1. Always choose a topic which you like or want to write about.
  2. Spend as much time on the planning and preparation as you do on the actual writing.
  3. If you believe in the argument you will be more convincing in your writing.
  4. Being able to see both sides of the topic makes for a better persuasive essay.

If you are writing an essay in seventh grade you are writing an essay which can be used as a basis for good writing technique for many years to come. You have the best part of another ten years of essay writing ahead of you and perhaps longer if you go on to post graduate work and even finish up writing a dissertation. The sooner you get a strong grasp and an understanding of the fundamentals of essay writing, the better it will be for your assignments in the future.

Get the choice of topic right. This cannot be stressed enough. If you are passionate about the topic, that’s a great thing. If you want to study the subject in more detail later, that’s even better.

To make your persuasive essay topic a winner, do not be in a hurry to start writing. Do as much research as possible and take as many relevant notes as possible. The better your plan or outline, the easier it is to write your persuasive essay.

It doesn't matter how good you are at writing, if you choose a topic which you genuinely believe is important, your belief will shine through in your writing. This again comes back to the important aspect of choosing the right topic.

Finally it is important that you are unable not just to see the reasons why you want to persuade someone to your point of view, but also to persuade them that the opposing point of view is wrong. This is a balanced persuasive essay and one which is, if well written, far more likely to get you a higher score.

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