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How to Select Good Topics for a Persuasive Essay

Persuasive essays provide good practice in getting others to see things from your perspective. Students selecting a topic need to consider their plan of action in getting readers to understand their side of the argument. Convincing others that your side is better can be a challenge, but it helps to select topic ideas you know and understand well. The following tips are helpful reminders to consider when choosing persuasive essay topics.

  1. Know the right evidence necessary to prove your point. When you are persuading someone you need to feed them information to help them absorb the purpose. In other words you need to know topics that will help you do this effectively.
  2. Be considerate of viewpoints that oppose your side. There are topics that make it clear there are other viewpoints in the equation. Just make sure you are fair in accessing them when considering how you would present your essential points.
  3. Make sure your conclusion is strong enough to stand on its own. Your topic idea should help you understand the main message you want readers to know. This is information that will help close out the topic and be an important figure for the persuasive aspect of your paper.
  4. Your topic idea should have an argumentative element you can clearly write about with logic, reasoning or a way of encouraging action. In many cases when someone is trying to persuade someone to go in their direction you are making a case against an argument. You need to know what the other person would say when they learn of your views.
  5. Consider information such as statistics and facts that will support personal feelings and beliefs. This will provide the proof you need to make people see things from your perspective.

Sample Ideas to Help You Get Started

Good persuasive essay topics can help you get an idea on what you can write about. The following ideas are simple concepts to get you started.

  1. Should it be legal to not wear a seat belt in the car?
  2. Should schools get rid of books altogether and use digital devices instead?
  3. Should exotic animals be allowed to be kept as a pet by the average person?
  4. Should people be forced to pay a fine when they fail to keep their grass/lawn cut?
  5. Should the federal government impose tougher restrictions on internet usage?

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