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15 Unexplored Compare And Contrast Essay Topics On Mesopotamia And Egypt

In an over ventured area of study, here are some issues that beckon to be ventured still

  1. A detailed analysis of the writing forms in Mesopotamia and Egypt
  2. An investigation into the implication of the geographic location of Mesopotamia and Egypt on the development of their respective ritualistic traditions.
  3. A comparative analysis of the innovations of writing methods and technologies developed and adopted in Mesopotamia and Egypt
  4. A comparative analysis of the central difference of social structure in Mesopotamia and Egypt as a result of the dependence and non-dependence on the river based systems.
  5. The difference in the complexity of social, economic, cultural, bureaucratic and administrative systems in Mesopotamia and Egypt as a result of different orientations of inventions made.
  6. The reasons why Egypt did not develop technology as advanced as that developed in Mesopotamia despite the various similar existing environmental, social and other requirement necessities.
  7. A comparative analysis of the centralization of political power in Egypt and the decentralization of political power in Mesopotamia
  8. The factors that influenced the diverging political hierarchies in Egypt and Mesopotamia
  9. A detailed investigation into the reasons why more substantial undertaking of monument construction projects was undertaken in Egypt despite of the technological superiority of Mesopotamia
  10. A close examination of the reasons why the Egyptians focused highly on Astronomy and Mathematics, while the Mesopotamians did not: The role that social fabrics played in the innovation of accurate solar calendars in Egyptian society
  11. A brief summarization of the factors that led to the mass process of enslaving people such as the Hebrews in the New Kingdom of Egypt: How this practice diverged from the initial inspiration Egypt took from the ancient preexisting Mesopotamia
  12. An investigation into the role that foreign factors such as foreign invasions, natural disasters and other unforeseen circumstances played in the continuation of Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations
  13. The influence of isolation of geographical factors played in the development of the Egyptian civilization: How Mesopotamia was mirrored by Egypt initially and how this mirroring of civilizational practices changed over 3000 years of Egyptian continuum
  14. The influence of social stratification on the development of persistent and durable social structures in Egypt: Where did Mesopotamian decentralization of power go wrong?
  15. A comparison into the reasons why Egypt quickly transformed from a precivilization to a structured centralized civilization.

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