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Secrets of Writing a Proper 3 Paragraph Essay

The three paragraph essay is a great way to learn the fundamentals of creating an excellent piece of prose. There are many people who will tell you that writing a short story can be just as difficult or even more difficult than writing a much longer novel. The point being is that you have far less opportunity in which to develop characters and plot. The same principle can apply to writing a three paragraph essay.

Let's look at what this type of essay looks like. It has three paragraphs hence its name. It has an introduction, it has a body paragraph and it has a conclusion. So some tips to help you produce the best quality three paragraph essay are as follows. Even though the topic suggests they are secret this is perhaps not exactly true. These so-called secrets have been in use by millions of essay writers for a very long time.

  1. As always the choice of topic is relevant.
  2. The same principles of introduction and conclusion still apply.
  3. The thesis statement will be supported by the main points.
  4. You can have more than one main point in your body paragraph.

It doesn't matter whether it's a three paragraph or a 33 paragraph essay, the choice of topic is always relevant. If you want to write about this topic or if you have experience and knowledge related to this topic then you are in a better position to write it than if you don’t have any knowledge or if you actually dislike the topic.

Again it doesn't matter how long or how short the essay may be, the principles of writing an introduction and a conclusion still apply. You must create a brief but accurate thesis statement. You grab the attention of the reader right from the beginning. And when it comes to the conclusion you must not introduce any new material and make a brief but accurate summary of all which has been written about in the essay.

Another principle on large essay writing still applies with a three paragraph essay. Your thesis statement must be supported by the evidence you produce in your essay. It's not so much getting the thesis statement right, which is important, but rather that all the other information you include relates to and supports the thesis statement.

And as a general rule you can have more than one main point in your main body or second paragraph. Because it is a short essay and because you may have more than one main point to establish and support your thesis statement, your second paragraph may indeed have more than one main point.

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