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How To Complete A Five-Paragraph Essay About A Vacation

Most people tend to work hard for 11 months and then let off their angst, steam and stiffness in the remaining month by virtue of a vacation. Of course, there are also those for whom life is itself a vacation; but that is a different issue altogether.

  • Need to be special
  • Now, if you are a student and are told to write an essay about vacation, you naturally feel elated and thrilled. You know that the piece will flow naturally. You should however make sure you pen down a crisp and potent essay; not a general assimilation of instinctive feelings. Here is how you craft a 5-paragraph piece on vacation.

  • Explaining vacation
  • In the first paragraph, you can pen your take on the spirit and freedom that vacation brings. It is of course an expression of release; it is the platform to visit places you dream of making your own, it gives you time to be yourself and spend me-time with family members or love. Then you can end it by directing towards a particular vacation.

  • The developments
  • The second, third and fourth paragraph of your essay should take readers through the crest and troughs of your vacation. How you tried things you only dreamed of; from rafting to surfing; from skydiving to bungee jumping or even camping. How you spent a special night playing Claus or a storyteller to kids. How you had a glorious romantic night with your fiancée in a desolate shack on a heathen moor.

  • The twists and turns
  • Your essay will do well to keep changing the tone and plane. You cannot obviously choose to depict a vacation where everything went fine as silk. Try introducing some roadblocks; how your luggage got trapped in Customs, how the rented car got smacked in the middle of nowhere; how the last wine bottle dropped from your hand in a place that practiced Prohibition.

  • The liberation
  • The layers mentioned in above two paragraphs will take care of the middle paragraphs of your essay. Your concluding paragraph, meanwhile, should be innovative, since the topic is quite subjective and commonplace. You may assert how the vacation changed your perspective for life, or how it gave you the zing and key for life.

  • Something to remember
  • Try to craft an essay which gives readers something to remember; whether a shock or absolute rapture. Remember how Three Men in a Boat still encapsulates us with absolute delight. Infuse passion, innovation and uniqueness into your write-up and rise.

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