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How To Find An Example Of Personal Narrative Essay For College?

Essay writing is one of the compulsory tasks that the colleges give the students to write. As this is the only way by which the writing skills and thinking capacity of the students are judged. Now, when one is in college and is given to write on a piece of the topic, it is generally expected that the standard and the quality of the writing shall be high.

Essay writing can be of many types; they may be argumentative, narrative, expository, autobiography and much more. Among these, a personal narrative essay is very common. This kind of writing is completely different from the other as this genre deals with writing about personal issues and perceptions. Now, many people are a handicap when it comes to saying something about themselves, especially in writing. But when you are writing a narrative piece, you must remember that the readers want to know your story; what you are offering them. It should have an equal impact on the reader.

What is a narrative composition?

It is that piece of writing which are meant to entertain the readers. The writing style should be flamboyant and won’t feel like being static. Since there is, in general, no limitation to the word limit, the students have the freedom to write their mind. The sentence structure should be simple; it’s better to avoid jargon. Introduce some characters into the writing to make it an entertaining piece to read and combine some abstract and concrete language to break the monotony in your writing.

How to find an example?

In case you require some inspiration or help regarding how you will come up with such a piece of writing, let us help you regarding where to find an example.

  1. Start looking at your library. There are thousands of books which deal with narrative topics of either or the other. You can buy a reputed book from the market which will help you in emergency cases,
  2. There are numerous websites which deal with different kind of compositions. Either you will get a synopsis, or you can read full articles over there. Download them and keep them for future use.
  3. There are some personal blogs found online which can provide you clues regarding how to come up with personal writings.

These are the ways by which one can find an example of a narrative piece of writing.

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