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Looking for Good Topics for My Persuasive Essay

Persuasive essays are always interesting to write if you choose a good topic. This type of essay is aimed to develop your persuasive skills, i.e. getting others to see things your way. These skills are easier to improve when you write about something you are passionate about. Therefore, before you start looking for good topics for your persuasive essay, you should consider what aspects of your everyday routine or study are meaningful to you. However, many abstract topics about economic development and political views are also very popular among students. Either way, it is a good idea to look through lists of possible themes and topics. Some of them are provided below.

School Environment Changes Topics

No matter where they study, students spend lots of time in classes. Without a doubt, some things could be changed in order to make their lives easier and more fun. Do you know any school rules that seem unfair? Would you like to learn a second foreign language? Some good topics for a persuasive essay might include:

  1. Students should have less homework assignments.
  2. School security rules should not be too tough.
  3. Professors should extend their office hours.
  4. Every school should provide internship opportunities for students.
  5. Working students should have more flexible deadlines for the assignments.

Employment for the Youth Topics

It is great when students can easily find their first jobs and gain working experiences necessary to build their careers. If you have any personal working experience you want to share, you can write about it in your essay. How did you find your job? Was it difficult because of your age and lack of experience? Several sample topics are listed below.

  1. Companies should hire more young people.
  2. Certain school classes should count as work experience.
  3. Young people should have flexible working schedules.
  4. Schools should encourage students to get part time jobs.
  5. The best and the worst first jobs for students.

Financial Issues Topics

Money matters at any age, so it is not surprising that many students learn money management basics and look for some ways to get extra money. You can study different topics related to money and why it makes sense to earn it.

  1. Do not use credit cards until you understand all the risks involved.
  2. People are never too young to start making money.
  3. It is possible to have good grades and work while going to school.
  4. Everyone needs medical insurance.
  5. It makes sense to open a savings account as soon as you get your first job.

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