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How To Compose An Outstanding Illustration Essay On Smoking

One of the easiest writing tasks that you will receive while you are earning you education will be an illustration essay. This simple assignment will allow you to master the ability to get your point across using illustrative words and when the subject matter is smoking you will have numerous bits of information to choose from.

  • Illustration writing definition
  • An illustration essay describes a topic using supporting words and information. For example, with a topic like smoking you could describe the different types of things that people enjoy smoking from pipes to cigarettes. You could also tell about the effects that smoking has on the person who smokes and those around them. For this type of assignment the key is to include examples that describe the main subject which is smoking for this particular piece of writing.

  • Creating a picture with your words
  • Of course, it is not enough to just list a series of facts about your topic if you want to truly get your point across. Your writing must create a picture with the words that you choose so that you will truly get your point across to your reader. For example, if you choose to illustrate the negative effects of smoking you could describe the way a smoker’s lungs deteriorate with repeated exposure to the carcinogenic materials. Or you could describe the physiological changes a body experiences when suffering from terminal cancer as a result of smoking.

  • Gathering your information
  • In order to make a point with your writing and truly be impactful you will want to gather information around your topic. Smoking is such a controversial issue worldwide that you will have a multitude of places to look for information you can use. If you know a smoker, consider talking with them regarding the choices they make and why they choose to smoke. Talk with them about the impact of laws and other smoking issues that they face on a day to day basis. Real life information will increase the impact of your writing and make it more illustrative for your reader.

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