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Creative Tips for Essay Writing: 5 Great Ways to Start Your Essay

If you want to attract readers’ attentions to your essay and induce them into reading more, you should write an informative and exciting introduction. For most students, writing the first words of an essay is a difficult task that requires imagination and creativity. With the following tips in mind, you can write an excellent and effective introduction, and it will be much easier for you to write the rest of your essay:

  1. Start with a thesis.

    Using an informative sentence about the main idea of your essay is the traditional method of writing an introduction; besides, it is simple and clear for any student. However, try not to start with boring and literal phrases like “In this essay, I want to explore…” or “My essay is about…”

  2. Ask an introductory question.

    A rhetorical question is a great way to intrigue and interest any reader. You can also write your essay as a response to it, or leave the possibility of a solution for your readers. Reveal your opinion in the following body paragraphs. This method is good and effective if the purpose of your essay is to persuade your readers of something, or if you want to draw them into a debate.

  3. Use a riddle or a quotation that is relevant to the main idea of your essay.

    Another good method to attract a reader’s attention is utilizing an idiom or a quote from some famous individual, poem, or book. You can even write a joke, dialogue, or riddle; it can help draw your readers in. Just don’t forget to show how it is connected to your subject. Remember that this method raises the expectations of the readers in general, so try not to disappoint them in the following paragraphs.

  4. Shock your readers.

    This method is one of the best attention grabbers you can use. If you start with a shocking statistic, fact, or statement; you will definitely impress your readers and encourage them to find out more about your topic. Be careful; do not forget to only use research-based statements that can be verified and can’t be doubted in terms of their authenticities.

  5. Open with a contrast.

    If you want to write an unusual introduction, use contrasting information. For example, compare the past and present, or contrast an imaginary world to reality. Remember that a contrast must be related to the main idea of your essay. Using this method, you can prolong a reader’s interest into the next paragraphs of your paper.

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