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Easy Steps To Writing An Essay On Any Topic

If you know the right way to write an essay you can write one on any topic that you might have chosen or given.  There are some basic steps that go into every essay that can be used with any topic you are given.  If you follow these steps, you next essay will rise above the rest.

Steps On How To Write An Essay On Any Topic

  1. The first thing you want to do with any essay is your research.  Make sure keep track of all the sources you are going to use in your essay because you will need that later.
  2. Now that you know where your topic is going to be taken, now it’s time to get you ideas in order, you can do this by brainstorming or outlining your essay.  These will layout what will be in your essay and help you write it later on.
  3. After all of the research and brainstorming, now you have to write your thesis this what your entire essay will be about and has to be one of the best ideas that you have come up with during your research.
  4. Make a final outline with you thesis, this outline will layout the exactly what will be in your essay.  Writing a good outline will make the actual writing of the essay a breeze because all of your information will be there for you to form into sentences.
  5. Start crafting your introduction, the introduction is the first thing that the reader is going to read, so you want to grab their attention and make them want to continue reading.  This paragraph sets up your thesis and tells them what your essay is about.
  6. The body of your essay is there to give the audience evidence and support to your topic.  You want to have hard facts and not your opinion in this part of your essay.  Giving strong facts will help your get your point across.
  7. Constructing your conclusion can be difficult but there are some simple things that you can to do to make sure it stands out and doesn’t fall flat.  The first thing is to never say “in conclusion” or anything that tells the reader that it is the conclusion, they already know that they are at the end of the essay.  You don’t want to repeat your thesis here, you want to reword or revamp it.  The goal of this part of you essay is to leave the reader thinking about what they just read after they have finished.
  8. The last thing that you will be adding to your essay is the references.  Make sure that you know what kind of style of paper you are writing before you start the references because each way is gives you a different way to write your references.  And don’t forget to put your in text citations in as well.

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