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The Basics of Writing a 5-Paragraph Essay

Once you master the art of writing an excellent 5-paragraph essay then you can really write any type of essay. This is because; the 5-paragraph essay structure is basically the same structure that you can use for any type of academic composition. It is easy to extend for longer papers. It can also be used to compose in-depth long answer questions. Today, we are going to discuss the basics of the 5-paragraph essay to help you learn this important writing format.

The 5 Parts of a 5-Paragraph Essay

The Introduction

The introduction is the first paragraph in the 5-paragraph essay. This is where the author describes what the paper is going to be about. Clarifies their purpose for writing. States the thesis AND briefly describes the 3 main points that they will be discussing.

Keep in mind that the introduction sets the tone for the entire paper. By time the reader has completed the introduction paragraph they should understand exactly what the paper is about and how the information is going to be presented.

3 Body Paragraphs

The three body paragraphs that are included in the 5-paragraph essay are basically the supporting content for the entire paper. Each paragraph should discuss one main idea. Theses ideas must be backed up with evidence that has been researched. Typically, for each body paragraph you want to describe 2 or 3 points that support the paragraphs main concept. These should also reflect back upon the original thesis that was brought up in the introduction paragraph.

The body paragraphs should be organized in order of weakest to strongest argument and should tie into one another.

The Conclusion

The last part of the 5-Paragraph Essay is the conclusion. The conclusion is where the author wraps up their essay by re-stating their main points, and re-writing the thesis. If the paper was intended to answer a question, the conclusion is where the final answer must be given and summarized. If the paper was providing an argument or a debate the evidence points should also be briefly re-stated.

Remember that the conclusion should essentially mirror the introduction and follow a similar order. It should also be where the author “concludes” their paper. No new ideas should be brought up in the conclusion and all of the readers questions should be answered by the end of the concluding paragraph.

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