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How To Compose A Death Penalty Definition Essay

Composing a death penalty definition essay requires understanding of the different issues surrounding this concept. You are required to identify the common perspectives like those provided by the law, explain them and give your opinion on whether these definitions are appropriate or not. At the end of your paper, you will be required to give a hybrid personal opinion on what you think about death penalty. How do you construct the paper on death penalty?

  • Provide a Dictionary Meaning
  • Every word or phase has a general meaning. Having this meaning at the beginning of your paper places every reader at the same starting position. This is a definition that is unbiased and yet to be extrapolated. It is therefore the best place to start. You might not agree with the dictionary meaning but must use it as the departure point for your paper.

  • Identify the Contentious Issues in Death Penalty
  • The need for a definition paper means that there exists contention on the subject. Use a paragraph or several of them to highlight the different understandings or points of view regarding death penalty. Explain to the reader the points that distinguish these views and why these points are important in the larger debate. Be as objective as possible since the views or definitions are not your own.

  • Negate or Highlight the Weaknesses of Such Definitions
  • The need for a death penalty definition essay is an indication that the existing definitions are weak or insufficient. Highlight the weaknesses or biases that make the current definition unsatisfactory. This calls for wider reading to understand the motivation behind a particular assertion. Take note of the biases that weaken the definitions that you do not agree with. This will prepare the ground for your primary responsibility when writing such a paper.

  • Provide Your Considered Definition
  • Such a paper demands that you provide your own hybrid definition of death penalty. This should capture the strongest points in the dictionary meaning and common meaning which is in line with your view. It is your definition that will differentiate your work from those of other writers handling the same topic. Make your definition as unique and strong as possible.

  • Make a Conclusion
  • The conclusion is aimed at tying up all the ideas discussed in the paper. It gives your final word on death penalty with the aim of convincing the reader that your definition is the best. Use the strongest words that will capture the imagination of the reader and convince him or her to buy your idea regarding death penalty.

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