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Writing A Cause And Effect Essay On Health In 4 Steps

Cause and effect essays are one of the most common types of papers for students to write. Often, an English class will require a cause and effect essay written about health topics. In addition, some health classes will also require this assignment. To get started on this type of writing, students should use the following steps.

Pick a Topic

The first goal of the assignment is to choose a topic. In the field of health, students can write about the cause and effects of different diets on the human body. They could look at the reasons why cancer develops, the impact of modern medicine or the efficacy of open heart surgeries for heart attack victims. Other interesting topics could include the pervasiveness of bacteria and viruses in hospitals or the creation of super-germs. There are so many topics to choose from, so students may need to take extra time to brainstorm an idea that they find interesting.

Find High-Quality Research

In the field of health, there are a number of academic journals, trade publications and books that are available. Students need to use research that comes from doctors, scientists and academic sources. In this type of writing, the student will be graded on the quality of their research as well as the quality of their writing. To get a top score, students must make sure that they are using the best sources.

As the student finds relevant information, they should write down the quote or statistic onto a note card. Beneath the statistic, the student should include all of the bibliographical information of the source and the page number that they found it on. By doing this, students will have an easier time creating the citations and bibliography that their research paper needs.

Build an Outline

Before writing, students should take a few moments to create an outline. This will help to guide their argument and will allow the student to organize all of their thoughts. With a well-written outline, the student can prevent writers' block and make sure that they have the best written essay possible.

Writing and Editing

To make the writing process a little easier, students should break down the assignment into daily writing goals. Instead of tackling 2,000 words at once, students should set a goal of writing 400 words a day. Afterward, the student should take extra time to edit and proofread their essay. If they have time, the student should get a teacher, tutor or classmate to help them with the editing process.

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