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Top Notch List of Controversial Argument Essay Topics

There is almost an endless list of controversial argument essay topics. New topics come into view on an almost daily basis. But there are a number of points you need to consider for choosing your controversial argument essay topic.

  1. Do you really want to write about it?
  2. Does it genuinely have conflict?
  3. What makes it controversial?
  4. Has it been written about by millions of students?

If you have strong personal views on an argument essay topic then that could stand you in good stead. Unfortunately the opposite is also true. If a particular argument essay topic bores you to tears you'll be less inclined to write about it and your lack of interest will show in your writing. Choose a topic which grabs your attention.

But do choose a topic which genuinely has conflict. The thing which makes an argument essay topic really interesting is the fact that it divides people's opinions. You want a topic which stirs up emotions.

When we say controversial we need to be sure we understand exactly what this means. Just because a topic is popular or constantly in the news doesn't make it a controversial argument essay topic. To be controversial it needs at least two and possibly more conflicting opinions.

And assuming you find a topic you love, and which causes division within people and which is genuinely controversial, you may still not have found that the ideal topic. This is because the world and its mother have also found this topic and your teacher or professor has to mark essays all of which have been written on the same or similar topic. Whatever you choose, check it out with your teacher or professor before you start to work on.

Here is the top notch list of controversial argument essay topics.

  1. Animal rights are hugely important and politicians should take them seriously.
  2. Abortion should be legal provided it is conducted with proper care for the health of all.
  3. Drug companies have too much influence over doctors.
  4. Governments should spend more on preventative medicine.
  5. All drugs should be legal and controlled by government agencies.
  6. Plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons should not be funded by the taxpayer.
  7. Refugees should be allowed into any country.
  8. Cloning of humans should never be allowed.
  9. Drug cheats in professional sport should be banned for life.
  10. The death penalty should be abolished throughout the world.

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