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How To Get Top-Quality Narrative Essay Examples

There are different types of essays; each related to a particular discipline. Narrative essay, for many, offers the best scope for innovation, as it canters around personal opinion. You have to write what you felt or any personal achievement that has ever been eluding you; not something which others experienced.

An observant eye

You require an observant eye to get plenty of narrative essay examples. Yes, you can gather them from online site or your school archive, but the best way is to do your own churning. Here is how to get the ideas for quality narrative essay examples

  • The newspaper – Go through its odds and ends and see if you identify with any article; passage or a story. Newspapers are best placed to offer you examples of narrative essays. You may even extract a piece and use it as an example to inspire you.
  • Your home – Every home has its strengths and its frailties; its achievements and its failures. You will get prominent example floating upon the characteristics of your near and dear ones.
  • Your neighborhood – Venture outside and see the kind of life people live. Is your neighborhood safe and progressive or rustic and stagnant? Do you wish for a drastic change in its make-up? Assess the characters that live there; the departmental store manager, the social activist; the cobbler. You will find many stories lying there.
  • Your school– You should look into the activities of your school. Evaluate the teachers you adore and dislike; education patterns that you find anachronistic. What feelings you get from your friends and colleagues? What is the status of extra-curricular activities in your school?
  • Your country – You need to assess the various facets of your country; the steps it takes to curb corruption and ensure general security. What are its incumbent policies for economic reforms? How does it encourage sporting contests in the country? What are the infrastructures for growth? Morph them all into a narrative essay.

Here are 10 narrative essay topics for your convenience

  1. The rainy day I will never forget in my life
  2. The best teacher I never had
  3. My secret wish: What will I do if I become invisible for a day?
  4. The haunting castle where our family was destined to spend one night at
  5. The city I would have loved to be born and live in
  6. What if I were an anaconda
  7. The cartoon character I identify with the most
  8. The biggest embarrassment I ever felt in my life
  9. The sacrifices that my mother has made for me and my brother
  10. My vision of the Planet Earth 50 years from now

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