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A Guide on How to Outline Your Essay in a Proper Way

A very important step in writing an essay, is organizing a proper outline. An outline is designed to help organize information properly. It is a very important part of the writing and organization process. This guide will help students learn how to create a proper essay outline.

Creating a proper outline

  1. Choose a topic
  2. Create a thesis
  3. Gather supporting information
  4. Organize supporting information
  5. Put supporting information into outline

The first thing to do is choose a topic and create a thesis. The thesis will be the first point on the outline. The thesis is always included in the introduction of an essay. It is usually the first sentence of the introduction. There also needs to be information supporting your thesis, these will be listed as sub-points below the thesis. Remember each paragraph will have its own bullet point and sub-points.

When organizing supporting evidence, it will be its own individual paragraph. Supporting evidence is what creates the body of the essay. Each piece of supporting evidence has to have clear and concise reasons on how it is supportive. These reasons will be the sub-points for the body of the paragraph.

The conclusion of an essay is a summary of the entire essay. It restates the thesis and summarizes the supporting evidence and why it is supportive. The conclusion will also be designed with a bullet point and sub-points. Doing an online search will give you a clearer example of what an essay outline looks like. A brief example would be as follows:

  1. Introduction


    i. Evidence 1

    ii. Evidence 2

    iii. Evidence 3

  2. Body

    Evidence 1

    i. Why 1

    ii. Why 2

    iii. Why 3

    Evidence 2

    i. Why 1

    ii. Why 2

    iii. Why 3

    Evidence 3

    i. Why 1

    ii. Why 2

    iii. Why 3

  3. Conclusion

    Restate Thesis

    i. Summary of evidence

The outline is an important part of writing an essay; it is included in the writing process to give visual organization of the gathered information. When done correctly, you can transfer information from your outline, to your rough draft effortlessly. The information is already organized and the essay ready to be written. If the essay requires citations, in-text citations can easily be applied to the evidence bullet points. This will help you keep track of where the information came from.

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