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Helpful Guidelines on How to Write a Topic Sentence for an Essay

The topic sentence it the first sentence of a paragraph and it is used to state the purpose of the paragraph. In an essay, there are several different paragraphs and each paragraph is separated because it is about a different topic than the rest of the paragraphs. This separation is to make it easy for the reader to distinguish the difference in your topics.

So, your topic sentence should explain what the paragraph is about. It should tie into your thesis as well. Here is a quick example of how it will tie into your thesis.

EX: Thesis: If you study, you will get better grades, pass your tests, and graduate high school.

Topic Sentence Number One: You will get better grades by studying because your brain needs time to absorb the material that you will be graded on.

This topic sentence explains the reasons why you study. In the following paragraph, you will explain the topic sentence and then show proof to support it.

The topic sentence is like the introduction to your paragraph. It acts in the same capacity as your introduction paragraph does for your paper. Having a solid topic sentence is important because it helps the reader distinguish what the paragraph will be about. The better you are at directing your reader through your essay, the better they will understand and believe in your thesis statement. The whole idea of writing the paper is to get the reader to believe in your thesis or believe in the reasons behind why you are writing the paper.

Here are a few tips to follow when writing a topic sentence.

  1. Think of your topic sentence as a recap or synopsis of the paragraph. If you had to write one sentence about what the whole paragraph is about, this would be your topic sentence.
  2. Do not be too specific. Your topic sentence has to be broad enough that the rest of the paragraph explains it. If you make it too narrow, some of the ideas in the paragraph will not belong because they are on a different topic.
  3. Write your paragraph and then do the topic sentence. Sometimes it may be easier to write your topic sentence last. When you have completed the paragraph, read it and paraphrase it using only one sentence. This sentence will become your topic sentence.

By using these simple guidelines, you should be able to write successful topic sentences for you essays.

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