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The 4 Paragraph Essay Structure: Learn to Be a Professional Writer

The four paragraph essay is often an assignment that is given to students on the spot. Teachers give you this assignment to see how well you write under pressure. The time limit is usually quite limited so creativity and initiative are needed.

While creativity is not something easily taught, you can get a head start on your four paragraph essay by at least learning the structure. This will prepare you for the unexpected when it arrives.

The first paragraph

This is your introduction. Very briefly, you will put forth the following information:

  1. Introduction to your topic. This will include re-writing your title which should be in the form of a statement.
  2. A background sentence into your topic as well as how that basis information pertains to your coming explanation.
  3. The method you intend on using to explain your topic to the reader.
  4. An ending that leads up to the next paragraph.

The second paragraph

Now you will set your reader up to understand your points as set forth in the previous paragraph. In order to establish your statement in the mind of the reader, you will do the following:

  1. Introduce your second paragraph by restating the important points of the first paragraph in different words.
  2. Give at least two facts that expand on your statement as mentioned in the first paragraph.
  3. Conclude once again by successfully transitioning to the following paragraph.

The third paragraph

At this point of your essay you will focus on the methodology of your argument. This paragraph will consist of:

  1. Repeating your methodology as mentioned in the first paragraph. Make sure you do this using different words as the ones in the first paragraph.
  2. Giving at least two explanations of evidence that will prove your statement.
  3. Ending this paragraph by harmonizing your theory and the evidence you’ve presented to back it up.

The fourth paragraph

Your final paragraph should be a culmination of everything you’ve discussed. Your theory has been stated, it has since been proven, and now you can give an overview of your entire discussion. Be sure to recap everything from all three previous paragraphs, but also make sure you use different words to do so.

Get familiar with the format for the four paragraph essay. You never know when your teacher will spring this one on you so be prepared for it.

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