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An Effective Guide to Writing a Basic Essay

One of the most common essays you will write in school is that of the 5 paragraph variety. The five paragraph essay is one that contains, as the name would suggest, five paragraphs.


The first paragraph is the introduction. This paragraph is where you put the thesis statement. It also functions as a sort of small outline for your reader, telling them what to expect when reading your essay. Your introduction paragraph should hook the attention of your readers. It should tell them what your thesis is, and why it is important. They should want nothing more than to keep reading after they finish the introduction. There should be a transitional statement at the end that leads to the body.


In the body of your essay, you will have any number of paragraphs. In a five paragraph basic essay though, there will only be three. Each paragraph should include a single argument and the supporting evidence therein. You might want to start with your strongest, most significant, or most substantial argument first, and then move backward. Or you might want to do the opposite and present the weakest or least significant of them and work your way toward the best. You should use what is called a reverse hook in the first sentence. This is where you transition with the final sentence of the introductory paragraph into the body. You should place the topic sentence right after. Remember that ll of your arguments, each of the three paragraphs, should refer back to the thesis. They should relate to your main point in an obvious fashion. Don’t make the reader guess what your argument has to do with the main point. As you move from one paragraph in the body to the next, be sure to use transitions and topic sentences to keep the flow.


When you are done, it is time to wrap up what you said with the concluding paragraph. The conclusion is where you restate your thesis and also remind the reader what supporting ideas or arguments you presented in the body of your text. This is your final opportunity to sway the reader in support of your argument, to show them that your information was valid. So remember to offer a final statement that signals the end of the argument, one which is a call to action, or a thought provoking question.

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