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The Secret To Creating A Strong Introduction To A Rhetorical Analysis Essay

The essay study analyzing the influence that a writer or speaker has on others is called rhetoric. This study is most common in college, especially for analyzing text rhetoric. If you are given the assignment to write a rhetoric analysis essay about a book, advertisement, movie or else make sure you write a strong introduction. Without a good introduction, your assignment won’t stand a chance.

The Thesis Statement

The introduction of rhetorical analysis essay contains a sentence or two, called thesis statement. This is the definition of thesis statement according to the University of Indiana. It can be the first of last sentence of the introduction. This sentence should be summation of your argument and should be neither too specific, nor too general. The readers must be able to understand what you are trying to say with your essay.

How to Write a Good Thesis Statement?

The point is to figure out what is the demand of the assignment you are given. For example, if you are given the task to analyze the colors and the use in a clothes advertisement of a magazine you cannot go too wide with the analysis.

You need to narrow down the question and write about how the color persuades the readers to go and visit the store and buy a piece of clothing. The thesis should be the answer of that question and it should be convincing enough for the reader.

The Final Part of the Introduction

The rest of the introduction should explain to the reader the final parts of the discussion. You don’t have to explain what rhetorical analysis means, but you will have to explain the context and the text you are submitting to analysis. When we say “text” we mean book, movie, image etc. Also, include important information about the text like who produced it, when, why etc.

Revisit your Introduction after you are Done with the Essay

Sometimes people finish the paper and then realize the introduction no longer works well. It might be best to write the introduction in the end, after your paper is done, makes sense and you can clearly see the message you are sending. Reread the paper one more time if necessary and think well about the previous point we discussed, again. Then you can either write the introduction, or correct it if you have already done it.

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