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Searching for Good Examples of Essay Introductions

If you are writing an essay, no matter the type or style, the essay introductions and thesis are two of the most important components. The introduction contains the thesis, and without the thesis, you cannot complete an introduction. Finding good examples of previously written material can only help you.

Review course examples, samples from your teacher, samples from other students, and samples online to get a feel for the requirements.

Narrowing your thesis

While the scope of your particular paper may be a bit overwhelming at first, the narrower the thesis, the more effective the argument can be. Your thesis must then be supported with evidence. The broader your thesis is, the more evidence you will need to convince readers that the position you are taking is the right one. Qualifiers can help to limit the overall scope of your thesis, by allowing for the inevitable cases where there is an exception to the rule. Some recommended qualifiers include:

  1. Typically
  2. Generally
  3. On average
  4. Usually

Different types of claims

When you make a thesis statement, you are making a claim. The claim often falls beneath one of four categories. Consider for a moment the manner in which you want to approach your topic, or what type of claim you want to make. This will help you to focus your thesis on one idea, or one area of a broader topic. The first type of claim is a claim of fact or a claim of definition. This is a claim that argues the definition of something or whether something is actually a settled fact.

The second type of claim is a claim of cause and/or effect. This type of claim argues that a particular thing, event, or person caused something to happen or caused an event to occur.

The third type of claim is a claim about value. This particular type of claim is made up of whether something holds value, or how it would be categorized.

The fourth type of claim is one about policies or solutions. This type o claim argues for or against a policy or solution.

So which do you use? The thesis style you use for your particular paper is dependent upon your knowledge of the topic, your position on the topic, the context of the paper, and your audience. You may want to consider what your audience knows on this topic and what areas they might disagree upon. You may start with a single claim type, and end up using a few different claims within the course of your essay. Regardless of the type that is used, you need to make sure you identify the controversy related to your topic and define your position within the topic early.

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