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Most Catchy Topics For Compare And Contrast Essays

The compare and contrast essay sounds like one of most boring essays you can be assigned in college. However, writing a compare and contrast essay can actually be quite enjoyable and it is possible to produce a finished paper which is stimulating and captivating. All you need to do this is the right topic; something catchy. So, here are five catchy topics for your compare and contrast essay.

  1. The Great Gatsby: Book vs film -

    This topic will immediately catch the attention of the reader as The Great Gatsby is one of the most beloved works of literature ever written.

    This is a great choice for a compare and contrast essay as the book by F. Scot Fitzgerald was written in 1925 while the movie starring Leonardo Di Caprio was released in 2013.

  2. Woody Allen and Charlie Chaplin -

    The chances are, the person reading your essay will be a fan of at least one of these comedians and will likely be familiar with the works of both.

    Woody Allen is generally considered to be the successor to Chaplin's comedy throne and so and investigation into this will be extremely interesting.

  3. The American and British education systems -

    America and Britain are two of the must powerful empires in the world. Surely they must have the same or at least a similar education system.

    The American education system is often criticised by people who have absolutely no knowledge of it. This will be your chance to investigate into this issue and see if America really does have a failing system.

  4. The American empire and the Roman empire -

    This is an undeniably interesting and catchy topic which can fill up dozens of pages if you should fe the need to.

    Is America heading the way of the Roman empire? Are we going to see a once powerful people crumble as a result of their own greed and ignorance? Many people seem to think so.

  5. Oscar Wilde and Dorian Grey -

    This is a topic hotly discussed in literature circles and will make great topic for your compare and contrast essay.

    It is no secret that Oscar Wilde put a lot of himself into Dorian Grey, but just how much does Grey really resemble his creator?

And with that, you are on your way to a catchy and captivating compare and contrast essay. Lucky you, I sure wish I got into college.

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