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A List Of Brilliant Essay Topics On Health Is Wealth For College

The main point of the saying “Health is Wealth” is to portray that being healthy is more important than obtain material things. When you are asked to write an essay to portray this fact there are a few ways that you can go.

  1. Personal experiences on how a healthy lifestyle is more important than materialistic things
  2. One way to handle this type of essay is to write about your personal experiences. You can talk about how you feel on the subject. Do you agree that it is more important to be healthy than it is to possess a lot of “things”. Talk about an experience when you realized that all you need is someone you love and lost the need to chase materialistic things.

    Was there are time when you almost lost someone and you were so wrapped up in work that you hadn’t spent time with them prior to them getting sick or getting in an accident? Use this experience to show how you should have concentrated on cherishing the memories that you had with this person instead of working towards materialistic things.

  3. Account of someone who has this belief
  4. Does someone you know live their life like this? If so, you can write your paper on their beliefs and how you see it affecting their lives.

  5. Implications of a the impact on society if this idea was embraced by the majority
  6. If more people focused on being happy with their health and less on the accumulation of “things”, how would that effect the society as a whole? The majority of us are working to obtain nice things and give our kids nice things. Should there instead be a bigger focus on health?

  7. Medical implications of this ideal
  8. What are the medical implications of a focus on health instead of on material things? Maybe people would work less hours and live a simpler life. People wouldn’t have the money to buy cable and would have to occupy themselves in other ways. This would lead to a healthier world.

  9. Financial implications of this ideal

What are the financial implications of this ideal. People would not purchase a lot of projects. People would work shorter hours. They would focus on things they increased their health rather than the luxuries that a lot of us cherish today.

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