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How To Use Narrative Essay Samples: Helpful Instructions For College

In the past, students had to go through library books or ask their professor to find narrative essay samples. Now, students can easily look online to find samples. Once students have found a good narrative essay sample, they can use it for bibliography ideas and as a writing style example.

  • Use It As a Guide
  • When using a sample, students have to be extremely careful that they do not copy the ideas or sentences in the example. If students use sentences that are not their own, it is technically considered plagiarism. Instead, students should make sure that they just use the example as a guide. They may want to use the example to learn about this type of writing style, formatting or other ideas.

  • Source Examples
  • Sometimes, the student can find an example that is about the same topic that the student plans on writing about. These examples are great because they help the student to reduce the amount of time that they normally have to spend researching. Instead of having to individually sorting through books that may or may not be helpful, the student immediately has a bibliography of useful research. In addition, the sample will have already listed the bibliography in the right format, so the student does not have to use a writing manual to figure out the correct citation.

  • Foster Ideas
  • One of the hardest things about writing is figuring out a good topic. Students can look examples in their subject area and highlight the thesis in each document. Afterward, the student can use these thesis examples for brainstorming or as a source of inspiration for their assignment.

  • Discover the Writing Style and Voice
  • Each style of writing necessitates a certain voice. While informal writing uses “you” and “I”, academic papers will often ignore the first-person point of view. By reading through these examples, the student can figure out the type of voice that they need to use. They may want to look up the right transition words or ways to smoothly incorporate quotations into their writing.

  • Learn What a Narrative Essay Is
  • Hopefully, the student's professor described how to do narrative writing. If the professor did not teach this style of writing or the student is still confused, they can always learn about narrative writing by reading through example essays. A narrative essay requires the student to tell a story or demonstrate an event. To learn the types of stories or writing required, students should read through examples before they start writing.

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