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What To Know About The Basic Five-Paragraph Essay Structure

There are many different types of academic paper, including different styles, such as argumentative or informative. Equally, academic papers can go by a variety of different names, such as term papers, research papers, dissertations, theses, and a wide range of other titles. Furthermore, the structures used in academic papers can vary considerably, depending upon the requirements of the work.

For example, a basic five paragraph essay will often be used when learning how to create academic papers, as well as for students who need to write a relatively simple and straightforward piece of work.

One of the good things about five paragraph papers is that they follow a relatively straightforward structure, which makes it quite easy to plan and prepare your work, as well as the fact that this can simplify the writing process. Nevertheless, there are various things that you should know about this kind of writing, in order to ensure that the work that you produce is as successful as possible.

Structuring your paper

You might think that you can write whatever you like with the five paragraphs that you have. However, a five paragraph paper does follow a relatively strictly defined structure. For example, the first paragraph of your paper should be devoted towards the introduction. Therefore, as part of your introduction in the opening paragraph, you should inform the reader what you will be discussing and potentially even give them some ideas of what to expect from the rest of the work. For example, if you are writing a persuasive paper, then you may give them an indication of what point of view or stance you will be arguing for.

The next three paragraphs will be devoted to the body section of your paper. Generally, you should use each paragraph to raise a different point that you wish to make. Therefore, a five paragraph paper will generally consist of three arguments or statements that you are relaying to the reader.

The final paragraph of your paper will be the conclusion, which will draw on any of the three points already made in the body section. Ultimately, you will be trying to conclude the paper and, therefore, you should not include any new arguments or points in this section.

One other thing to be aware of is how long each paragraph should be. Ultimately, there is no strict word limit; however, you will often need to write anywhere between two and eight sentences per paragraph.

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