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Apple Analysis

Apple has been known to be one of the greatest companies in the world due to its ever astonishing technological innovations. It has been under the management of its co-founder Steve Jobs whose resignation from the company posed a huge impact on the company’s stocks.

According to Woellner, Apple Inc. is an American based company whose success has not only been brought about by its company’s co-founder Steve Jobs but also by its unique products whose style and design are of great caliber. Steve Jobs is known as an ambitious, gifted and innovative leader whose skills and talents are of no match, before his departure from the company he decided to set certain values which were meant to keep Apple at its feet making it a self-reliant company. One of his sole values was that the employees were to be supervised and given clear instructions by his successor Tom Crook, in order to make sure that his dream for his company was not just but a pipe dream.

In the coming years Apple has continued to put on great smiles to its die hard users around the globe. The global company introduced the iPad which brought great satisfaction to its users due to its outstanding features which include TV shows videos, Word processing documents, eBooks and Video games. Apple did not stop at that, they continued to wow its users by the introduction of the iPhone, an exceptional smartphone which continues to tower over and pose a huge threatening competition to the other smartphone gurus.

According to Hassan, the world has become a digital village and technology has continued to play a vital role in our social lives. ITunes, a music media guru introduced by Apple also poses a great impact on our social lives. During the progression of the 20th century the world’s young population will result into a decrease due to a decline in fertility,however,this is just but a mere prediction. This will in turn pose as a great challenge for Apple’s business since majority of its users and music enthusiasts belong to the young generation. It is common belief that the biggest sales of Apple Inc. comes from its home ground. On the contrary, most of its sales are generated from countries around the globe therefore; Political wars and poor global relations are bound to bring about a great decline in the company’s sales if not avoided.

The world’s inflation rate may also have a huge impact on Apple’s business; this is due to the fact that the unemployment rate has continued to increase tremendously. Furthermore, making consumers spend the little they have only on their basic needs and increasing their incapability to afford luxurious products.

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