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Descriptive Essay Topic Selection And Analysis

A description is a type of academic writing that is based on detailed descriptions of people, buildings, notions, situations and places. The major object creating this kind of essays is basically describing your points in a particular and vivid manner. This is targeted to make your reader form a picture in mind that helps you drive your point home.

Steps to writing a descriptive essay

  1. You will need to begin by choosing the required essay topics and then deciding on the subject to write about, who or what
  2. Create an outline or simply sketch and list all the facts, peculiarities and characteristics which you will require all throughout your essay.
  3. Gather all the necessary information that will be required to make the introduction of your essay and remember to create essays that talk about historical events, places, famous people, or even certain holidays.
  4. This stage will involve deciding o the type of content that will go into your body section. Make your mind on the kind of ideas that will be included in your body section.
  5. Beginning with body sentences, write all your paragraphs and then proceed to deeper detail as you make up your thoughts and watch the flow.
  6. Create all inclusive conclusions which helps present all your ideas and what you will have described.
  7. Lay aside some of your work and create some free time for proofreading your essay.

One other problem that students face is selecting a good topic.

The most crucial thing to understand here is that there are several types of descriptive essays. Not being able to distinguish them will give you a hard time trying to figure out the best topic for your essay.

The most challenging topics go around those describing people, buildings, and even objects. Some of the best topics you could go with include:

  • A person I won’t forget
  • A pace I will always tour
  • An individual I will always look up to
  • The basis of my dreams
  • My memories of a vacation in Japan
  • My favorite poet or fiction writer.

Remember, just like most essays, a descriptive essay will also need to be well structured, clear and proofread. Ideally, it’s recommended to begin with a brief introduction on the place, person or object in mind. Specify the relation you have with the person, the place and purpose that it serves in your life.

You should try and stay focused in the body section of your essay. Stay with the select qualities you want to describe and dig deeper into each quality in the next paragraphs. For instance, if you decide to write on any one subject, you could proceed into mentioning their looks, personal traits and the individual’s talents, hobbies and interests each in a paragraph of its own.

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