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How To Write A Five-Paragraph Essay In 30 Minutes: Simple Tricks

It is somehow tricky but you can actually compose a five-paragraph essay in 30 minutes. If you are a student who is always busy because you have other commitments or on the other hand, you always get lazy when it comes to writing your academic paper and leaves till the last minute, then it would benefit you to learn how to write essays within 30 minutes or less. This article will guide you through the simple tricks that would help you achieve this feat. Listed below are some tips to help you compose your papers in less time than you usually would. They are as follows:

  • Choose Your Topic: This should be done without wasting much time. Approximately 2 minutes or less should be assigned to this part of the task. To make it less time consuming, go for a topic you have knowledge of and would not require much time to research.
  • Choose The Three Ideas For The Body Paragraphs: This part should take about 3 minutes. The ideas or points you choose for your essay should be such that would give strong support to your paper. With the internet, you can get these three points in less than the time required.
  • Write Your Outline: This should be brief and should not take more than 10 minutes. It is to serve as guide as you write the main body of your work. As much as possible, make sure the outline you compose is strong because it will go a long way to determine how solid your paper would be.
  • Start Writing: The time allotted to this part of the tricks in writing your academic paper in 30 minutes is approximately 10 minutes. In order not to consume more time than necessary, you should try to keep your typing and grammar errors to the barest minimum. Take it calmly and you will be done in no time.
  • Polish Your Work: This is the final stage of writing your essay. You take 5 minutes or less to go through the work, edit and completely polish it to meet up to the standard set by your tutor or professor. The areas you should check out include spelling, grammar and structure.

Even though you were not able to completely proofreading and editing the paper before the expiration of 30 minutes, at least you made a try and can do better with the next paper. Make sure that as you write your paper, you stick to your tutor’s instructions and adhere to the right format for the paper. Go other helpful tricks? Put them into good use in writing your academic papers.

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