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What Is a Good Essay Structure?

Many writers with the potential to excel fall short in their essays because of a lack of good structure. This is usually as a result of insufficient practice and gets worked out after a few years or even months if the writer is very diligent. For writers who would like to skip the confusion from the start, here are some characteristics to consider. A good essay structure must be:


An essay that deals with facts in an order that is different from the one in which they occur will seem unusual to the reader. It may even come across as a mistake in which earlier parts of the essay were haphazardly added in nearer to the end when the writer finally recognized their absence. This can be prevented by creating a complete outline of the essay before the final draft begins.


Good writers need to know when to summarize and when to elaborate. This can be a problem to new writers who attempt to include all the knowledge they possess in a single essay in order to gain the best possible marks. This may end up weakening the essay as the more relevant points get drowned out in others that should not have been included. Even when word limits are given, ensure that every word, sentence or phrase that you include has earned the right to be there.

Easy for the reader to follow

Readers may have very different opinions on the same topic but the way you structure your essay should leave no doubt as to the point you are trying to convey. Make sure that the sentence structure you use leaves no room for ambiguity on any of your points.

In keeping with your teacher’s guidelines

If you have been given a rubric that instructs you to write in a very specific way, even a ‘good’ essay that disobeys your rubric will be marked as if it were bad. The structure that you are told to adhere to will take precedence over the way you might intuitively want to write. This is true whether or not the structure you usually adopt has resulted in excellent grades in the past.

The structure of an essay ends up just being about the following of rules. In that sense, anyone who can follow a set of instructions can successfully structure an essay.

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