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10 Strong Thesis Statement Examples For Persuasive Essays

A persuasive essay is meant to analyze a particular matter and to try to convince the readers of a relevant idea. Any topic can be suitable as long as you approach it from the right angle. In this kind of text, it is crucial to write about something engaging, that you are passionate about. When you have knowledge, and you have a strong opinion about an issue, it will be easy to convince others. Here are ten tips to help you create a strong thesis statement for your persuasive essay.

  1. Make it short. Most of all, the statement has to be maximum two lines and to not contain extended data.
  2. Present the topic. In this sentence, you need to state clearly what is the topic of your essay. Remember that your language needs to show strength and persuasion for this kind of text.
  3. Present some arguments. The arguments to not have to be necessarily the ones from the text, but they need to be highly relevant to the matter.
  4. Put them together in a conclusion. This sentence has to be, more or less, the end of your introduction. This means that you will state clearly the purpose of your essay in a few words.
  5. Do not use exact information. This is not the place to use extended information or data. Leave this for the rest of your essay.
  6. Make it personal. If you start this sentence with “In my opinion” it can automatically give more strength to your content. Persuasive essays tend to become personal, in general.
  7. Use exclamation signs. If you really want to make this point pop out, the right punctuation will help you tremendously.
  8. You can introduce well-known formulas. Even if you are talking about Latin expressions or proverbs known in your country, they can really spice up the content and keep it engaging.
  9. Do not reveal too much. This sentence must be short, informative but to not tell the reader all the points that you will touch in the text. In the end, this is the preview of your essay, so it needs to make the reader eager to read more.
  10. Make sure that it is correct. If this statement is somehow wrong or incorrect, your entire paper is compromised. Double-check it before submitting your paper and watch out for any grammar or punctuation mistakes you missed.

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