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20 Unique Comparative Evaluation Essay Topics To Write About

Comparative essays belong to the type, where how you write the paper matters much more than what you write about. Professors think they make the lives of the students easier by letting them choose the topic themselves for such assignments. What they probably don't realize is that choosing a good topic can sometimes take as much time as writing the paper itself. To speed up the process we prepared a list of topics you can use to write your paper.

Comparative Evaluation Essay Topics.

  1. Are comics significantly less informative than books?
  2. At what age can the live of an individual be considered easier: childhood or senior.
  3. Comparison of British and American governments.
  4. Comparison of two teachers that influenced my life the most during my high school.
  5. Contribution to modern science: comparing Newton and Einstein.
  6. Deciding on your favourite season: comparing summer and spring.
  7. Facebook account and Twitter account: which one is more time-consuming
  8. Going out vs. staying at home on Friday night: introvert problems.
  9. Health and ecology influence of microwave as opposed to an oven.
  10. How being an active student vs. being a passive student can affect your grades.
  11. Living on campus and living with parents as a student: influence on the academic success.
  12. Monarchy or Democracy: which one is better during the war?
  13. Privileges of the United Kingdom prime minister compared to those of United States president.
  14. Reality TV versus the serials: which is more informative?
  15. Renting a property vs. renting a property: economic side.
  16. Street dance vs. ballet: can we speak about visual pleasure in both?
  17. Technical characteristics of Apple products compared to Android products.
  18. The importance of parental role in child raising: Mom vs. Dad for children of different sex.
  19. Transferring emotions: emails compared to written letters.
  20. Two leading parties in my country: is there a significant difference?

As you can notice when you are done with the list, you can write absolutely about anything. This list was created to push you in the right direction, so don't get discouraged, if you don't like any topics on the list as it is. Choose the one you like the most (or dislike the least) and work in that direction. If you think about it long enough, the right topic will simply pop up in your mind and you will wonder how you could miss something as easy.

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