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8 Things You Should Know About The Components Of An Opinion Essay

Students often panic when they get assigned an essay. For some reason the thought of writing an essay makes people nervous. It should be just the opposite case with essays. It is actually quite difficult to do poorly on an essay as long as you follow the formatting directions. An opinion essay doesn’t have any right or wrong answers at all. All you need to do is give your opinion and then give statements substantiating that evidence. You can complete an opinion essay using the normal 5 paragraph essay that is so common. Here are some things you should know about an opinion essay.

  1. Your subject cannot be too broad. If your subject is too broad you won’t be able to create a topic sentence that can be argued logically.
  2. Make sure you choose a topic that can be backed up with facts. The topic should have data available on the internet so you can substantiate your opinion. You can’t just say something like, “I like the color green”, because there is nothing to back it. Something like, “Children have too much homework after school” can be backed with facts from the internet.
  3. Make sure you state your topic sentence in your introduction. Your topic sentence and the essence of each supporting element should be included in your introduction.
  4. You should have at least three supporting statements to substantiate your topic sentence. This is the minimum you need to create a great essay. If you have more reasons all you need to do is add another paragraph.
  5. Each of your statements should be the first sentence of each of the paragraphs of your body.
  6. You should have at least three sentences in each paragraph so after the main sentence you should have at least two supporting sentences to explain each main sentence.
  7. You should restate your topic sentence in the last paragraph or the conclusion.
  8. End your essay with a call to action. Try to get your reader to respond to your essay by doing something. Your essay should cause the reader to do something or stimulate further conversation.

With these eight tips you should have no problem doing a great job creating a great opinion essay. Essays get easier the more you do them. As long as you follow the structure guidelines and back your statements with facts you can’t go wrong with an opinion essay.

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