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A List Of Exciting Narrative Essay Topics About Natural Disasters

A narrative essay is a piece of text, in which you describe something. You don’t need to prove anything or defend any point of view. So, if you need to write a narrative essay that is dedicated to natural disasters, you will hardly experience big problems with the choice of a good topic.

You can create topics for your essay on your own, ask your teacher to help you find a good one, search on the Web and look through lists of diverse topics that are suggested on the Internet. If you want, you can create something, using all these sources of ideas.

Below, you will find a list of such topics that you can use in your narrative essay.

  1. The essence of a natural disaster.
  2. Factors that cause natural disasters.
  3. The influence of human activities on the development of natural disaster causes.
  4. Types and causes of earthquakes.
  5. What is the epicenter of an earthquake?
  6. The biggest earthquakes in the world.
  7. Volcano eruptions as one of the most powerful catastrophes.
  8. The most powerful volcano eruptions within the recent centuries.
  9. Causes of mudflows.
  10. Areas that are prone to suffering from mudflows.
  11. A landslide as a consequence of human actions.
  12. A rock-fall: its causes and consequences.
  13. Avalanches as the main type of catastrophes in snow-covered mountains.
  14. The most famous, big, and tragic avalanches.
  15. Causes of floods, depending on geography.
  16. Causes of a tsunami and the destruction they can cause.
  17. The nature and triggers of a limnological catastrophe.
  18. Conflagration and wildfire among the most destructive natural disasters.
  19. The destructive force of tornados and hurricanes.
  20. The most famous hurricanes in the 20th century.
  21. The Hurricane Katrina as one of the most destructive tropical cyclones in the history of the USA.
  22. The danger and destructive force of snowstorms.
  23. Droughts as the most common catastrophe in particular parts of the globe.
  24. Ways to protect people and property from the impact of catastrophes.
  25. Is the prevention of any natural catastrophes possible?

As you can see, topics for a narrative essay about catastrophes that happen due to specific processes in nature or are triggered by human activities are not that hard to create. So, using available offers from the Internet, libraries, teachers, and colleagues, you can compose the topic that will meet your demands. Make sure that you choose a topic that is interesting to you.

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